Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Short Biography

  • Born Eric Arthur Blair in Bengal, India, in 1903
  • Moved to England the following year with his mother
  • Orwell reconnected with his father in 1912, however never formed a strong relationship, for he considered his father a boring conservative
  • Wrote his first poem at 4-years-old; first poem published at 11 within local newspaper
  • Younger years: Attended St. Cyprian's via academic scholarship, hence his essay "St. Cyprian's"; college: Wellington College & Eton College
  • 1922: Joined India Imperial Police Force due to financial privation
  • First major work in 1933: Down and Out in Paris in London, published under the pseudonym George Orwell so he wouldn't embarrass his family in the novel's depiction of the poor
  • 1936: Married Eileen O'Shaughnessy, though had intimate relations with many women; 1944: Adopted a son whom they named Richard Horatio Blair; 1949 (after O'Shaughnessy's death): Married Sonia Brownell
  • 1936: Served in the Spanish Civil War, getting shot in the throat and arm
  • 1938: Diagnosed with tuberculosis at a time with no treatment
  •  Challenged himself to a multitude of literary works to escape reality
  • 1941; Producer at BBC, resigned in 1943